Chibidango Heroes Team will provide a Renting System. Players will be able to put chibis on a renting marketplace for $DGEMS in return. Other players can rent chibis through a Smart Contract by paying in $DGEMS for a set amount of days up to one month. When the rented chibi expires, it is returned to the renting marketplace automatically for other players to rent again. Players can extend the time up to one month again by providing another transaction.

  • Rented chibis are locked and can only do battles, no summoning, equipping items, etc.

  • Rented chibis are never transferred to other players account, they can only see and play with the chibi once they have payed for it.

Chibi Owner will receive the amount of $DGEMS when the renting time expires. Both parties can also cancel rented chibi at any given day.

Example 1: Player has rented a chibi for 30 days for 150 $DGEMS. Chibi Owner will receive 150 $DGEMS after 30 days have passed.

Example 2: Chibi Owner canceled rented chibi after 4 days and the Player who payed for the chibi will receive 130 $DGEMS back by the renting system.

Chibidango Heroes Team will take 5% $DGEMS and a 1.5 $ADA fee. $DGEMS are burned in the process, reducing the $DGEMS supply.

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