Chibis have various features that determine some of the additional stats they get from Hairstyle, Eyes and Mouth. These features are race specific and are generated at random during minting and summoning. Chibis can get equipped with hats, masks, suits, trinkets and weapons of various rarities. Some items such as potions will be single use only.


  • Equipment comes in 5 different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Immortal.

  • Immortal rarity items can only be created in the Weaponry, Armory, Tannery and Alchemy Lab.

  • Immortal rarity pets can be adopted in the Pet Shelter.

  • The higher the rarity, the less chance a Chibi can get the item during minting.

  • The higher the rarity, the stronger the stats boost is for the Chibi.

Upgrade & Evolve

Items will have 50 upgrading levels. Common Items can be upgraded to level 10, Rare to level 20, Epic to level 30, Legendary to level 40 and Immortal to level 50.

The items can be Evolved to the next Rarity, which require a little bit more materials.

Every X Amount of Levels it is required to burn identical items for the upgrade to slow down Item inflation in the game and on the marketplace.

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