Early Access

  • Adventures will be consisting of chunks of islands connected to each other.

  • Adventures will come out with 4 islands, up to level 20 in the Early Access.

  • Each island has 5 battle missions and appropriate level of enemies.

  • The first island has battle missions from level 1 to 5, 6 to 10 levels on the second island, 11 to 15 on third and 16 to 20 on forth island.

  • Adventures are not for free and will require Dango Runes (1000 DGEMS each in Shop) to unlock battles per Wallet account.

  • Once a player has 10 Dango Runes, he will be able to unlock 5 daily battles in Adventures.

  • Maximum number of battles in Adventures per day is 30, so players will have to spend 60 Dango Runes to unlock Adventures to full potential.

  • Buying battles in Adventures is permanent per Wallet account and will not require to buy anymore when fully unlocked.


  • Player needs at least 1 Chibi to do battles in Adventures, but its better to have a full team of 6 because each Chibi brings back resources after winning a battle.

  • Summoned Chibis have a 40% chance to recover resources after winning a battle.

  • Season Chibis have a 50% chance to recover resources after winning a battle.

  • Tribute Chibis have a 60% chance to recover resources after winning a battle.

  • Mythic Chibis have a 70% chance to recover resources after winning a battle.

  • Adventurer Perk increases chance to recover resources by 10%.

  • Adventurer Perk will have additional upgrades later in the game, further increasing the recovery rate of resources to 30%, amount of resources recovered and also damage and health increase in Adventures.

Book of Ryu

  • Book of Ryu will cost 20 USD in ADA and 50% of the value goes into Treasury. This is a one time purchase per Wallet account.

  • Resources Marketplace will be unlocked for the players to sell resources for ADA.

  • Every 2 days there will be an island shining with a purple color in Adventures.

  • Players will be able to gather DGEMS from that particular purple shining island through winning a battle.

  • Player will receive 60 DGEMS for winning the battle and will receive it only once, an island has 5 levels to battle, so its 300 DGEMS in total.

  • After the player received 300 DGEMS, the purple shining island will return to normal colors and the player has to wait until the islands reset. Islands reset every 2 days.

  • Book of Ryu is not mandatory to play in Adventures, but an additional feature to earn DGEMS and Sell resources on Marketplace.

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