Dango Gems - $DGEMS

Dango Gems (DGEMS) are Fungible Tokens for the Chibidango Heroes Universe. Players are able to claim $DGEMS if they hold their Chibidango Heroes. Players will also be able to earn $DGEMS when they battle within the Chibidango Heroes Universe. $DGEMS are minted through players that do battles in Adventures, Expeditions, Underworld and Arena. Spending $DGEMS through Summoning, Crafting, Upgrading and other mechanics will burn the tokens. Our goal is to create a reasonably balanced mint to burn ratio.

There was no IDO and no pre-mints for the $DGEMS, all of them are community minted through NFT Staking and Gameplay.

DGEMS Airdrop

Chibis are benefited with the $DGEMS Airdrop.

Every week Seasonal, Tribute and Mythic chibis generate $DGEMS. Players are able to Claim $DGEMS through the Players Account on the Marketplace. Players can claim their $DGEMS whenever they want and pay a small fee for the transaction.

Small fee for claiming $DGEMS approximately 1.5 ADA is to discourage bots and multi accounting when adventures start. Not claiming for a long time, will accumulate $DGEMS the players have.

  • Each Seasonal Chibi will contribute to 20 DGEMS per week

  • Tribute Chibis will contribute to 250 DGEMS per week

  • Each Mythic Chibi will contribute to 500 DGEMS per week

  • Summoned Chibis do not contribute to any DGEMS


Players will be able to earn $DGEMS through the Daily Quest activities, such as finding materials in adventures or winning battles in arena.

Daily Quests are locked by default! To enable them, players must buy the “Book of Ryu” item with $ADA for their Account. Book of Ryu is purchasable only once and is Account bound, this is to prevent $DGEMS farming through bots and multi accounting exploits. Book of Ryu will cost 40 ADA and half of the price will go to the Treasury.

Example: If the Daily Quests are open to anyone, bots will just farm and claim $DGEMS, then transfer chibis to another account, devaluing $DGEMS in the process.

This is not the only solution battling the bots and multi accounts. Every time players transfer Chibidango Heroes from one account to another, Chibis will gain a debuff preventing them doing battles until the next day. Buying chibis from the marketplace wont place a debuff on them. Listing chibis on the marketplace and cancelling will place a debuff on that chibi.

Example: Transferring chibis on a new account every time and gather resources, will devalue the resources in the process. Players will be able to sell resources on the marketplace and multi accounting will hurt the economy.

Floor chibis wont be able to complete Daily Quests every day, the more you level your chibis and if the chibis have according perks, they will be able to complete quests on a daily basis.


$DGEMS are used for nearly everything in the Chibidango Heroes Universe. Summoning and leveling chibis, crafting and upgrading items will always burn $DGEMS in the process.

There is also a Merchant shop that will sell multiple unique items for $DGEMS. Increasing rarity chances to summon a better, rare chibi is one of those items.

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