Chibidango Skills

Each Chibidango will have Skills tied to their corresponding Attributes. Hairstyle will provide Chibis with an Active Skill. Active skills have an Energy Bar and once its on 100%, the Hero will be able to use his Active skill. Energy Bar fills up when the Hero is taking damage or has an item that fills energy at the start of the battle.

Example: Flame Blast is an Active Skill that deals 140% of Attack Damage against front-line enemies, dealing an extra 40% of Attack Damage per round for 2 rounds.

Front-line enemies are the first two enemy heroes.

Eyes and Mouth each provide a passive skill. Some passive skills will be just a boost to HP or Attack, other passive skills can be special.

Basic Passive SkillAttack Boon: Increases your Attack by 5%.

Special Passive SkillIgnite: Each basic attack has a 35% chance to Burn the target, dealing 80% of Attack Damage per round for 2 rounds.

When Burn is inflicted, it will cause damage at the end of each round.

Mage Tower

Chibidango Heroes will be able to upgrade their Skills by defeating the guardians of the Mage Tower. The difficulty of the Mage Tower will increase once the guardians of a certain level are defeated. Once the guardians are defeated, they grant resources for Chibidango Heroes Skills to upgrade. Skills are upgraded with $DGEMS and Mage Tower resources.

There will be a new Magus Perk associated with the Mage Tower.

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