• Player needs at least 1 Ship and 1 Chibi of an appropriate race to go on Expeditions, same as Adventures its better to have a full team of 6 because each Chibi brings back resources.

  • There are 4 Ships in total, one for each race - Humans, Elves, Sun Elves and Orcs.

  • Ships are also NFTs and the only way to get them is by doing Adventure battles with your Chibis.

  • A Ship item of a specific race drops in Adventures - its 0.5% drop chance and is only Common rarity, player will be able to mint the Ship for 4 USD in ADA and 50% of the value goes into Treasury.

  • Once the Ship is minted, it is available to be used in Expeditions with players race specific Chibis.


  • Ships consist of 5 rarities - Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Immortal.

  • The better the rarity of the Ship, the more resources types your Chibis will be able to recover.

  • Every time player wants to upgrade his Ship, he has to burn 3 Ships of a lower rarity.

  • Higher rarity changes the art style of the Ships and each race has their own unique Ship art.

  • Battle Power of Chibis determine on how much resources they recover.


  • Expeditions work on a cycle of 2 days, player has to just insert Chibis and a Ship on an Expedition slot for specific race.

  • There are 4 Expedition slots available, one for each race.

  • With each new introduced race, Expedition slots will increase for that new race with a themed Ship art.

  • After 2 days, player can claim resources cache from an Expedition, if the player does not claim the cache, no new resource caches will be available after the next 2 days, but this is only for Common Ships.

  • Rare Ships can stack 2 resource caches, player can claim them after 4 days.

  • Epic Ships can stack 3 resource caches, player can claim them after 6 days.

  • Legendary Ships can stack 4 resource caches, player can claim them after 8 days.

  • Immortal Ships can stack 5 resource caches, player can claim them after 10 days.

  • Its one cache every 2 days, but player can now claim after X days depending on the Ship rarity.

  • Navigator Perk increases resources recovered by +1.

Mythic Ships

  • There exists a hidden rarity beyond Immortal - its the Mythic rarity.

  • Only Mythic Chibis can create Mythic Ships and only one for each Mythic Chibi.

  • Mythic Ships can be created by burning 2 Immortal Ships of the same race as the Mythic Chibi.

  • Its up to the Mythic Chibi owners to create them or not.

  • Mythic Ships gain bonuses from DGEMS and ADA Staking and various other bonuses(TBD) and also comes with unique Ship art.

  • Mythic Ships can stack 6 resource caches, player can claim them after 12 days.

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