Chibidango Heroes

Official Chibidango Heroes Whitepaper

Chibidango Heroes Universe

Chibidango Heroes is an upcoming Play to Earn Idle Hero Game on Cardano Blockchain. Collect, Battle and Summon your Heroes, use them in various activities through out the Chibiway Galaxy to earn rewards, items and resources. Chibidango Heroes Universe is filled with Heroes of different races, monsters, pets and other creatures that players can collect or battle against.

Players aim to battle, summon, collect, craft items and upgrade village buildings for their Heroes. Community owned economy is built as the core for players to buy, sell and trade resources in the game universe through skill and contributions to the ecosystem.

Dango Mission

Chibidango’s Team is working hard to create an expanding self-regulating universe with a unique transparent economy.

The whitepaper looks into the vision, strategy and technologies used by the Chibidango Team in order to deliver an enjoyable, educating and potentially profitable experience.

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