Players will be able to upgrade Chibi Attributes by fusing chibis (burning) into the desired Chibi. Hairstyle, Eyes and Mouth are upgraded separately from each other. Attributes are upgraded with X Amount of Governance Tokens (coming soon) and a chibi burn for fusion. Upgrading to the next Rarity requires Fusion Points, each chibi attribute has an amount of Fusion Points per rarity.

Common gives 50 Fusion Points, Rare gives 100 Fusion Points, Epic gives 200 Fusion Points, Legendary gives 400 Fusion Points, Immortal gives 800 Fusion Points.

  • Common to Rare Attribute Upgrade requires 400 Fusion Points

  • Rare to Epic Attribute Upgrade requires 800 Fusion Points

  • Epic to Legendary Upgrade requires 1600 Fusion Points

  • Legendary to Immortal Attribute Upgrade: 3200 Fusion Points

Example: Player can upgrade chibi Common Eyes to Immortal Eyes by fusing with 64 Common chibi or 8 Legendary chibi.

Fusion is a mechanic that fights Chibidango Heroes inflation by fusing them together and reducing the circulation supply of heroes. Only Summoned chibis can be used for fusion, Seasonal and Mythic chibis can be upgraded, but cannot be fused (burned).

Fusion Swap

Players will be able to Swap an Attribute of the same Rarity!

Example: Chibi has Legendary Hairstyle, but the Player doesn't like it. He can Swap a Legendary Hairstyle from another chibi to override old Legendary Hairstyle and in the process chibi is burned.

Fusion Swap will require X Amount of Governance Tokens (coming soon) and a chibi burn for swap.

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