Crafting is one of the Core mechanics of the game and is the only way to get Items and Pets. Equipment cannot be found in Adventures, Expeditions and Underworld and can only be crafted by Chibis in the Buildings.

Each Building can hold 10 Chibis and 1 Mythic, that have the proper Crafting Perk. Mythic being an optional addition, that gives crafting material discounts.

Chibis with Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Tanner, Alchemist and Caretaker Perks receive Crafting Mastery. Mastery can be increased with Leveling, Attributes and Equipment. The higher the Total Mastery of Chibis is, the better the items can be crafted.


  • Weaponsmith can craft weapons and shields in the Weaponry

  • Requires Weaponsmith Perk and Weapon Mastery from Chibis


  • Armorsmith can craft Armor, Helms and other in Armory

  • Requires Armorsmith Perk and Armor Mastery from Chibis


  • Tanner can craft Hats, Suits and other in Tannery

  • Requires Tanner Perk and Tannery Mastery from Chibis


  • Alchemist can craft Potions, Trinkets and Backgrounds in Alchemy Lab

  • Requires Alchemist Perk and Alchemy Mastery from Chibis

Pet Shelter

  • Caretaker can provide with Pets in Pet Shelter

  • Requires Caretaker Perk and Pet Mastery from Chibis

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