Owning a Land plot will allow Chibidango Heroes to embark on a Voyage on their flying Ship. Gathering various building resources and ship parts will be the focus of the Voyages. Voyages take a long time to complete, that's why having a better ship will have an advantage.

Land plots will start with the lowest Common Rarity. Upgrading Lands will require players to use Broken Cores. To obtain Broken Cores players will have to burn Land Plots that they don't need. There will be 6 rarities for the Lands - Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Immortal and Mythic. Only the top players will be able to upgrade Immortal and Mythic rarity Lands through Arena rewards. Creating Land Plots will require $DGEMS and ADA fee.

Players will be able to craft and upgrade their flying ships. Craftable ships will come as CNFTs, but the default ship will be offchain and will not have any upgrades. Default ships come with every Land Plot and are just there for chibis to use on their first journey.

Chibidango Heroes will be able to build and maintain Buildings on their own Land. Bigger lands will have the most allowed structures build on it. Some of these buildings will generate resources and $DGEMS. Buildings are craftable and will come as CNFTs.

There will be no Land Sales, instead Lands are a game mechanic. Players will be able to own only one Land Plot per User Account.

As any Chibidango Heroes mechanic, 50% of Land fees will go to the Treasury.

More info on the Land mechanic will come in 2024.

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